It sounds like Robert Pattinson is coming out of his acting shell and taking on more challenging roles within the past year. Between 'Bel Ami' and David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis,' we can't wait to see the 'Twilight' actor figuratively spread his wings with his latest set of career choices, which includes his latest movie, 'Rover.'

Variety reports that Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce are in the middle of negotiations to star in 'Rover,' a thriller set to be directed by 'Animal Kingdom' filmmaker David Michod. In the film, Pearce will play a man whose car is stolen by a group of thieves, one of them being played by Robert Pattinson, and goes after them across the Australian outback. No word on when filming is expected to begin.

Pattinson isn't the only busy guy that could be on this project. Guy Pearce has been going through a tear within the past couple of months, appearing in promo clips for 'Prometheus' and 'Lawless.' At the same time he's in the middle of talks to appear in 'Iron Man 3,' though his role is still pretty much unknown at the moment.

'Prometheus' will be out in theaters on June 8th and you can watch David Cronenberg's crazy 'Cosmopolis' when it's released at some point later on this year.