If movies are “won” in the casting department, then Jose Padilha’s planned ‘RoboCop’ reboot currently has a 50-point lead on its competition. The director already has completed a number of inspired hires for his 2013 tentpole thriller, surrounding his lead actor, Joel Kinnaman (‘The Killing’) with supporting talents like Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman and Hugh Laurie. Today, another stellar actor has been added to the mix.

The Hollywood Reporter says the brilliant Michael K. Williams is “in negotiations” to play Kinnaman’s partner in the film, a police officer who is close to Kinnaman’s family (and likely serves as RoboCop’s ally in the fight against crime). Padilha is gearing up for a September shoot in Toronto as the movie works toward an Aug. 9, 2013 release date.

Williams currently stars in HBO’s period drama ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ and he recently wrapped a multi-episode arc on NBC’s ‘Community,’ where he played a befuddled biology teacher.

But Williams forever will be associated with the role of Omar on HBO’s brilliant ‘The Wire’ … possibly the greatest role on one of the all-time best television shows in the history of the medium. Adding a talent like Williams to any production immediately makes it better, and imagining Williams in scenes with Oldman or Jackson gives us chills. All of a sudden, thanks to a handful of casting decisions, this ‘RoboCop’ has gone from “just another remake” to “open this thing so we can see it now!”