We may not get enough 'Robot Chicken' in our daily lives even after eight years, but that hasn't stopped the long-running Adult Swim series from cranking out six seasons worth of gut-busting stop-motion pop culture comedy, and multiple specials along the way. This Sunday's sixth season finale episode "Immortal" will hop around as much as any 'Robot Chicken' episode, but also take aim at a favored subject of the series and nerd culture in general, 'The Avengers' director Joss Whedon! Preview the terror of zombie Joss Whedon inside!

'Robot Chicken's sixth season may be coming to an end on Sunday, February 17 at midnight (so...February 18?), but season finale "Immortal" will prove one of the biggest episodes of the season, recruiting longtime contributor Joss Whedon for a role parodying his own TV past. Adult Swim has given out a fresh look at the finale, which parodies 'Cabin in the Woods' by having a zombie Joss Whedon attacking cliched horror trope characters in anger over his past TV failures.

From Adult Swim's official press release:

In the finale episode, “Immortal,” the creators show what happens at the Looney Tunes hospital; We get a look inside the Oompa Loompa writer's room; Jesus returns to his home in Heaven; The Robot Chicken Nerd switches places with the God of Thunder; The season ends with our writers giving a new twist on Cabin in the Woods.

You can check out the sneak peek of 'Robot Chicken's Joss Whedon-skewering season finale below, and check it out in its entirety this Sunday at midnight on Adult Swim!