When 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' first hit American theaters in 1975, it didn't perform very well at the box office, save for one Los Angeles theater. The subversive camp-horror musical film -- based on Richard O'Brien's original stage show -- became a cult classic when a theater in New York City began running midnight showings of it the following year. Since then, the film has become a Saturday night tradition around the country, where audience members interact with the film while actors perform a live "shadow" version in front of the screen.

It's been 38 years since 'The Rocky Horror Picture' show first hit theaters, so join us for a look back at the cast of the film and see what they're up to now.

Tim Curry, Dr. Frank N. Furter

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Then: Tim Curry reprised his role from the original stage musical as Dr. Frank N. Furter. Curry made his big screen debut in the film as a transsexual alien intent on building the perfect man.

Now: Curry's performance in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' landed him the role of The Darkness in Ridley Scott's 'Legend.' He's also appeared in 'Clue,' 'Home Alone 2,' 'It,' and 'The Shadow.' These days he mostly does voice work, and his talents can be heard in 'Young Justice' and 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars.'

Susan Sarandon, Janet Weiss

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Then: One of Susan Sarandon's earliest roles was in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' as Janet Weiss. She and her fiance Brad stumble upon the mysterious castle and get roped into Dr. Frank N. Furter's wacky schemes.

Now: Sarandon's myriad film credits include 'Thelma and Louise,' 'The Client,' and 'Dead Man Walking.' She most recently starred in 'Cloud Atlas,' 'Snitch,' and 'The Big Wedding,' and will star alongside her daughter and fellow actress Eva Amurri Martino in an upcoming television series.

Barry Bostwick, Brad Majors

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Then: Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon were the only two cast members who hadn't performed in the original stage musical. Bostwick played Brad Majors, Janet's naive fiance. Steve Martin also auditioned for the part, but the role went to Bostwick, who made his big screen debut in the film.

Now: Bostwick starred on the 90s sitcom 'Spin City,' and has appeared on 'Scrubs,' 'Cougar Town,' and voices Grandpa Clyde Flynn on 'Phineas and Ferb.' His other film credits include 'Nancy Drew' and 'Hannah Montana: The Movie.'

Richard O'Brien, Riff Raff

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Then: Richard O'Brien, who also wrote the original musical and the screenplay, played Riff Raff, Frank N. Furter's creepy butler.

Now: O'Brien wrote and starred in the 'Rocky Horror' film follow-up 'Shock Treament,' and has appeared in the films 'Flash Gordon' and 'Ever After.' O'Brien continues to put on the 'Rocky Horror Show' stage musical with new performers.

Patricia Quinn, Magenta

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Then: Patricia Quinn reprised the role of Magenta, the maid, in the film version of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.'

Now: Quinn also starred in O'Brien's 'Shock Treatment,' and has since appeared in 'I, Claudius,' 'Monty Python's The Meaning of Life,' and more recently in Rob Zombie's horror film 'The Lords of Salem.' She often makes guest appearances at live 'Rocky Horror' performances around the country.

Nell Campbell, Columbia

20th Century Fox/New York Daily News

Then: Nell Campbell played Columbia, a spunky and lively Dr. Frank N. Furter groupie who loves to do the traditional "Time Warp" dance.

Now: Campbell landed a music deal after 'Rocky Horror,' and released several singles. She also appeared in 'Shock Treatment,' and in Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' and the 1998 film version of 'Great Expectations.' She owned two nightclubs in New York throughout the 80s and 90s, and is now currently retired from acting.

Meat Loaf, Eddie

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Then: Singer Meat Loaf played Eddie, an ex-delivery boy and Columbia's love interest, who crashes Frank N. Furter's party and is subsequently murdered. Meat Loaf had no actual lines of dialogue and sang his entire part.

Now: Meat Loaf continues to tour and release albums, and has also appeared in the films 'Fight Club,' 'Bloodrayne,' and 'Beautiful Boy.' He starred in Dario Argento's 'Master of Horror' episode titled "Pelts."

Peter Hinwood, Rocky Horror

20th Century Fox/Peter Hinwood

Then: Former model and photographer Peter Hinwood played Rocky Horror, Dr. Frank N. Furter's creation. Hinwood had previously appeared as Greek god Hermes on the limited British mini-series 'Adventures of Ulysses.'

Now: Hinwood had a couple of small parts in films following his 'Rocky Horror' performance, but he quit acting shortly after. He is now an antiques dealer in London who enjoys a quiet, peaceful life, and has rarely been photographed. In 2000, he discovered the gold shorts he wore in 'Rocky Horror,' and sold them at auction for $1,000. They are currently on display at the Orlando Hard Rock.