Look, pretty much every Star Wars fan with functioning brain cells knows that there won’t be a sequel to Rogue One, but there’s an unspoken (and kind of dumb) rule in any setting which involves people asking questions and receiving answers about movies: If it can be asked, someone will ask it, especially if it’s a question with a really obvious answer — like “will there be a sequel to Rogue One?”

FYI, the answer is “no.” As Kathleen Kennedy and VFX master John Knoll confirm in a new interview with Empire Magazine (via /Film), there will never be a Rogue One sequel (which Kennedy jokingly refers to as “Rogue Two”) because they always planned for Gareth Edwards’ spinoff story to be a standalone project — which is the plan for all of the anthology films under the Star Wars Story banner, including that new Han Solo spinoff.

And just in case someone out there doesn’t understand why there won’t be a Rogue One follow-up, Edwards himself lays it out by adding that if there were going to be a sequel to the film, “that sequel will be directed by George Lucas.” And if you somehow need further clarification, the reason is this: Rogue One is a prequel to A New Hope, which means Rogue One won’t get a sequel because it already has one.

So don’t go getting too attached to Felicity Jones and her rebel crew when Rogue One arrives on December 16 — cherish the two hours you have with them, just like our ancestors did in the good ol’ days before franchises became the law of the land.

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