You’ve seen Rogue One. You’ve read our spoiler-free review. Now you’re ready to go deeper. Like the Rebels in the film, you want to smuggle the darkest secrets out of enemy territory and pass them along to those who need them most. As luck would have it, we’ve got a Rogue One spoiler discussion ready to provide exactly that.

In ScreenCrush’s latest video review, Editor-in-Chief Matt Singer and Senior Editor Erin Whitney break down the first ever Star Wars “Anthology Film.” After a few general thoughts about the overall success of the movie, they dive into major spoilers. What did they think of the ending, and the final fates of the film’s heroes? Did Gareth Edwards deliver a movie worthy of its predecessors (or at least the good ones)? What about those cameos from returning Star Wars characters like Darth Vader? How does it feel to have a Star Wars movie without an opening crawl?

Matt and Erin discuss all that and more in the video. But beware, this is a SPOILER review, which means they will talk about stuff that hasn’t been in the trailers and TV ads. (Also, SPOILER ALERT: the Rebels steal the Death Star plans.) When you’ve finished the review, feel free to leave your comments below or on YouTube. Then watch some more of ScreenCrush’s video spoiler reviews and discussions from the past year below. Then, maybe take a walk outside and get some fresh air. Your butt could probably use the break.


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