Moonfall sounds like it could be the title of a new James Bond movie, like a combo between Moonraker and Skyfall, which — to be honest — sounds kind of great. Instead, it’s the title of Roland Emmerich’s next disaster epic, in which the director / sworn enemy of famous landmarks will once again try to destroy Earth, this time by hitting it with the moon.

He’s tried aliens and natural disasters, but according to Deadline, Emmerich has reached the end of his rope and is taking drastic measures in his next attempt to wipe out humanity. The director’s next project is Moonfall, which he’ll direct based on a screenplay he wrote with 2012 collaborator Harald Kloser and Spencer Cohen.

Universal won the rights to the project, which centers on an unlikely group of heroes who come together to prevent the moon from crashing into Earth — that sounds a lot like Independence Day, but with the moon instead of aliens. BUT. Deadline also describes it as 2012 meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind, so I guess it’s safe to assume there are aliens involved, after all.

Emmerich most recently directed Independence Day: Resurgence, which is on track to seriously underperform at the box office this weekend. The end of that film threatens yet another potential sequel, but it looks like we may be waiting a bit longer for that one to happen as Moonfall has been put on the fast track.

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