Christopher Nolan is still in production on Dunkirk, a new drama that reunites the director with Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy to recount the riveting true story of the famous evacuation of Allied forces during World War II. Although the film doesn’t hit theaters until next July, a new rumor suggests that we may see the first teaser for Nolan’s latest as soon as this week — and you don’t have to stretch your imagination very far to figure out where it might pop up.

The rumor originates at TrailerTrack (via Heroic Hollywood), which claims that the first teaser for Dunkirk will hit theaters this weekend with Suicide Squad. That makes some sense as Warner Bros. is handling the release of both films, and thanks to his Dark Knight trilogy, there’s a sizable overlap between fans of Nolan and fans of WB’s DC universe.

12 months out from release may seem a bit early to reveal a teaser, but WB debuted the first teaser for Interstellar in December 2013, almost a full year before that film hit theaters in November 2014. The studio took a similar approach to his Batman films, with the first teasers premiering about a year ahead of each film’s respective release.

And since Nolan has been in production on Dunkirk since late May, he probably has enough footage to throw a solid teaser together — if it even features actual footage. Who knows.

Suicide Squad hits theaters this Friday, August 5, which may or may not also be the day that we see the first teaser for Dunkirk. We’ll find out soon enough.