Just before Suicide Squad hit theaters, there were reports that Warner Bros. had created their own competing cut of of the film, suggesting that director David Ayer’s vision had been compromised by studio interference. If the latest rumor is to be believed, then Justice League might be experiencing similar turbulence, as a new report claims that Zack Snyder’s superhero team-up film has undergone extensive reshoots, with even more on the horizon.

Reshoots have become commonplace on big-budget blockbusters — so much so that studios often block out time for them in the production schedule. It’s not necessarily a sign of trouble; as movies take shape in the editing room, a director might notice something that’s missing or could be improved, which is where reshoots come in. But not all reshoots are created equal, and according to a rumor reported by Splash Report, Justice League may have already undergone more than most.

According to an anonymous source who spoke with the site, Zack Snyder’s film has had so many reshoots that it might be an entirely different film altogether:

Speaking on a condition of anonymity, [our source] said that in the 17 months between the start of principal photography and the final cut arriving in theaters in November that the film will have essentially been “remade…twice.”

That doesn’t sound…normal — not that a 17-month production schedule is typical, either. But the rumor doesn’t end there: WB allegedly has even more reshoots planned.

There are more reshoots COMING SOON. There have been a bunch but they’re going to do MORE.

To be honest, this isn’t entirely surprising. WB has yet to really nail down the direction of their DCEU, which lacks consistency and doesn’t feel as carefully mapped out as, say, the MCU. Some have criticized Marvel’s commitment to formula, which has become somewhat detrimental in recent years, and while the MCU could certainly use a little less predictability, having that formula offers something the DCEU lacks: Stability.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of problems behind the scenes of the DCEU, which has already gone through two directors for The Flash and recently hired Matt Reeves to replace Ben Affleck at the helm of his solo Batman movie.

Not long after filming began on Justice League, I heard from at least a couple of different sources that WB’s faith in Snyder was shaken by the negative reactions to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — and that might be a good thing. They should be taking a more critical eye to their own projects, especially when they’re operating on such a huge scale.

With Justice League set to hit theaters on November 17, it’s likely that we’ll be hearing a lot more about these rumored reshoots. (And start bracing yourselves for the inevitable lists of all the scenes from the trailers that didn’t make the final cut.)

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