We found out a while back that 'Batman v Superman' writer and Ben Affleck pal Chris Terrio would be penning the screenplay for Warner Bros.' upcoming 'Justice League' film, and today comes some potential news about that project and its central villain. Who might DC's superhero super-team be facing off with in Zack Snyder's 'Justice League'?

The scoop comes from Latino Review, who note that the "hot rumor" is that the heroic team will be fighting DC baddie Brainiac in WB's 'Justice League' film. This runs counter to popular speculation that the main antagonist of the film would be Darkseid (basically DC's version of Thanos), but if this report is true, it seems that WB wants to hold off on incorporating Darkseid into the universe for a little longer.

For the unfamiliar, Brainiac is one of Superman's primary foes, an extraterrestrial android with enhanced memory capabilities and an incredible understanding of engineering, physics, sciences, and alien tech. Like other super-foes, he has a litany of horrific powers, including the power to control others, transfer his consciousness, and manipulate space and time -- among other things. He's quite formidable.

While the rumor is still unconfirmed, it's not out of the realm of possibility, and the guys at Latino Review are typically pretty good about their info. 'Justice League' doesn't have an official release date set yet, although 2016 is seeming likely. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck is set to return as Batman alongside Henry Cavill's Superman, with Jason Momoa joining the team as Aquaman.

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