If this whole actor/comedian/divorcer-of-pop-stars thing doesn't work out for Russell Brand, he may have a secondary career as a baseball pitcher. Seems Brand, 36, got a little testy on Monday when a paparazzo began snapping photos of him with an iPhone, and he showed his displeasure by grabbing the device and slinging it through the window of a New Orleans law office. And now he's in hot water with the police.

We're not sure if it fell within the strike zone, but it shattered the window and probably scared the daylights out of the guy who happened to be working at the time.

Brand offered to pay for the damage, but that wasn't good enough for the cops, who put out a warrant for his arrest. Apparently hurling projectiles around is some sort of crime (who knew?) and even throwing a wad of money after it doesn't suddenly make it legal.

But even as snark-worthy as that was, he still had to face the criminal music, so he turned himself in to New Orleans police that night, which resulted in the oh-so-flattering mugshot above.

Looks like he didn't spend much time in the clink, though - he got out after posting $5,000 bail, an amount he probably had jingling around in his pocket in loose change.

Brand is currently in the Big Easy filming 'Lamb of God,' a comedy written and directed by Oscar-winning 'Juno' scribe Diablo Cody, and he's also prepping for the June 28 premiere of his six-part late-night FX series, 'Strangely Uplifting,' which the network promises will be "daring, smart and hilarious." The show hopes to take on 'The Daily Show' by offering Brand's views on current affairs and popular culture -- and now, possibly, the American judicial system.