Hot on the heels of 'Louie's three Emmy nominations, FX announced today that its much beloved and critically acclaimed comedy series will be returning for a thirteen episode fourth season next year. Also returning will be Russell Brand's late night talk show 'Brand X,' which will receive extensive re-tooling prior to hitting the air again.

Although not a rating juggernaut, 'Louie' is one of the gems in FX's crown, the kind of groundbreaking, genre-redefining project that you only used to see on HBO. The fact that its writer/director/editor/star Louis CK is up for three Emmys while his show wasn't nominated for Best Comedy Series speaks volumes: the old-fashioned folks voting for awards have no idea what to make of this intensely personal, often very dark show. The fourth season renewal comes while the third season is reaching its halfway point.

'Brand X' has already aired five episodes, but the seven episodes coming this Fall will be going through some "creative restructuring. As FX president John Landgraf diplomatically puts it: "There’s many changes were going to be making to Brand X … I’m truly excited by the week to week creative growth through the five episodes that have aired to date."

In addition to 'Louie' and 'Brand X,' 'Anger Management' and 'Wilfred' are expected to be renewed.