Ryan Gosling and 'Drive' director Nicolas Winding-Refn have said that there is no way they would do a 'Drive 2' but the two have had talks and 'Drive' may not be the last time we see Gosling as "The Driver."

Winding-Refn told The Evening Standard (via The Playlist) that 'Drive 2' is "never gonna happen" but when asked if we might ever see Gosling's "The Driver" again, Winding-Refn didn't completely close the door, hinting that he and Gosling have had talks about a return.

The character of The Driver might return in another film. We're playing with that idea. We'll see what happens.

What exactly that could mean remains to be seen but it's possibly it could manifest itself in a short film or a supporting role in another film that Winding-Refn directs down the line. (The two just wrapped production on another action-drama 'Only God Forgives.')

Author James Sallis, who wrote the novel that 'Drive' is based on, sold the movie rights to his sequel novel 'Driven' but it doesn't appear that Winding-Refn or Gosling have any interest in bringing that story to light. The written sequel reportedly follows The Driver's attempt to leave his old life behind, only to be found and attacked, leading to the death of Carey Mulligan's character from the first film.

Do you want to see a 'Drive 2' or at least the return of The Driver in another movie? How do you think Gosling and Winding-Refn can pull this off?