If you're not entertained by the prospect of living out the life of a Roman soldier in Ryse: Son of Rome, you can always enter the arena and participate in the Gladiator Mode with your friend. Or enemies. Well, both.

Gladiator Mode is Ryse's multiplayer, in which you and a bunch of other yahoos who aren't terribly attached to their limbs (all of which might literally become unattached), duke it out for glory and to please the crowds.

Environments in the arena are ever-changing, so you could end up fighting in a fiery maze, a sandy deathtrap or forest of thorns and blades. Fighting in such terrible conditions would be unbearable, but you'll luckily have the ability to play cooperatively with your buds.

And to help you stay alive, items and gold can be earned through victories. You can grab new pieces of armor, weapons, shields and consumables with your hard-earned cash, which will substantially increase your chances of making it out of the arena alive.

Check out more details about the harrowing Gladiator Mode on the official Xbox site and watch the trailer above to see the multiplayer carnage unfold.