NBC is catching a lot of flack in the media and on Twitter (where the #NBCFail hashtag is consistently trending) for their coverage of The Games of the XXX Olympiad (as Bob Costas repeatedly reminds us it is to be called). But we have one way they can fix that for 2016 and right all their wrongs. Hire Samuel L. Jackson.

Not sure if you heard, but Mr. Jackson loves Olympics and he's been posting some thoughts on Twitter. OK, that's putting it gently. He's practically been live-tweeting the Olympics in hilarious and, at times, completely nonsensical fashion. He uses words like "BADMUHFOUGHCCENMINTON" and "FASTBALLAFAHKKHA!!!!!!" (emphasis entirely his). And it is our hearty recommendation that NBC hire Samuel L. Jackson to provide color commentary for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Who else would have the guts lead a broadcast with, "I can't say enuf that these judges are SHADY!!!"

In case you've missed the rambling best of Mr. Samuel L. Jackson covering the Olympics, we've compiled some of our favorite of his tweets below... (We promise there are completely unedited.)

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