Among the many TV revivals already in progress, few have excited fans the way Adult Swim promises to resurrect Cartoon Network’s Samurai Jack in the coming months. We’ve seen a few teases, but go behind the scenes with creator Genndy Tartakovsky, voice Phil LaMarr and more with a fresh look at the 2016 revival!

The weekend’s Toonami panel at Anime Expo debuted a new behind-the-scenes reel for the long-awaited revival, offering both new story details and a glimpse at updated animation techniques. The new series will take place years after the original, while writer Darrick Bachman says (via IGN):

I think we’re going to see [Jack] in a new light because we’re going to see him from a different standpoint. In the original series he was very heroic person on a very rigid quest. Now we pick up with him an it’s many years after the fact and he’s a little bit lost. So it’s a story of redemption and him trying to find who he is again.

Samurai Jack Season 5 lacks an official premiere date after its December announcement, but what should we expect from the weathered, katana-wielding hero’s return?

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