Selling an independent festival darling to a large audience can be a tricky affair. You don't have a $100 million marketing budget, but what you do have is (hopefully) a great deal of critical praise. And that's where the new trailer for 'Save the Date' enters the picture. The trailer opens with critical praise and continues to layer it on thick throughout, replacing all dialogue and plot details with praise from various outlets. But is that going to convince anyone to go see it?

The work of relative newcomer Michael Mohan, 'Save the Date' follows two sisters, one who has just rejected her boyfriend's marriage proposal and another who is getting married. Fans of good television will recognize both leads instantly as they're played by Alison Brie of 'Community' fame and 'Party Down's Lizzy Caplan (her old co-star, Martin Starr, plays the spurned boyfriend). However, we only learned those details through a quick Google search, as the trailer is almost entirely dialogue-free and doesn't even hint at the plot.

Which brings us back to the conundrum at the top of this article. IFC Films is trying to sell 'Save the Date' as a wildly loved movie, but it's not even trying to give us a hint of what the film actually feels like. Granted, the mere presence of Caplan and Brie should get viewers with good taste interested, but we'll need to see a little more before we're sold.