It’s the reboot we’ve all been waiting for: Finally, there’s going to be a sci-fi version of Spartacus, the true-story-turned-legend of a man imprisoned by the Romans and forced to fight for his freedom against his comrades in the arena. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Champion will be helmed by Taken 2 director Olivier Megaton and written by Dawson’s Creek alum Hal Oszan.

So far, the plot looks to be roughly the same as the original Spartacus story. Wrongly imprisoned for an act of terrorism, our hero has to fight off menacing gladiators to gain his freedom, except it takes place in the future instead of Rome in the year 71 BC, and the gladiators are a prison computer program. Not sure if this means the gladiators themselves are virtual, or if live prisoners have to fight each other within a digital arena, like a TRON kind of thing. Nothing else about the plot is known, so the possibilities, currently, are endless.

This is the first screenwriting credit for Oszan, who is best known for playing movie director Todd Carr on Dawson’s Creek. No news yet on who will star, but the film is scheduled to start shooting early next year. Megaton is fresh off directing Takens 2 and 3 (or Tak3n), so maybe this version of Spartacus will also be a former hitman dad. But, like, in the future.