Welcome to ScreenCrush’s brand new feature, the ScreenCrush ScreenCrunch Cereal Of The Week. (Or SCSCCOTW, which is easier to pronounce.)

Our first ScreenCrush ScreenCrunch Cereal Of The Week? Did you love Ang Lee’s take on Hulk, but felt like the bonding experience wasn’t quite complete until you had the opportunity to ingest marshmallow Hulks? Well, we feel the same way and that’s why our first entry into this new and exciting feature is Hulk cereal.

(Also: This is not an April Fool’s joke. We are actually going to keep doing this until we run out of cereals or stop doing it because we forget one week.)

What makes this exciting is that I have actually eaten Hulk cereal. Back in 2003, I spent a week in the Phoenix area and, to save money, stocked up on cereal. I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t resist the charm of this monster that was once Eric Bana inviting me to eat his cereal. (Though, I will never forget the grocery store checkout person rolling her eyes at me when she scanned the box of Hulk. It sometimes hurts to be judged.)

Hulk cereal had a very similar composition to the better-known Lucky Charms cereal. I mean, it’s basically the same thing, really. Instead of star and clover marshmallows, you get to eat Hulk and lab beaker marshmallows.

The verdict: Not bad! Again, if you like Lucky Charms, Hulk was the same thing.

Next Week: We don’t know yet.