Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy this year for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series, and she couldn’t have done it without a major assist from Sean Spicer, the former White House Press Secretary for President Donald Trump. McCarthy spoofed Spicer and his bizarrely confrontational press briefings on last season of Saturday Night Live. McCarthy’s Spicer was an inferno of rage, insults, and rolling podiums. It was an incredible performance; by far, the biggest downside of Spicer’s resignation in July was the fact that McCarthy wouldn’t get to play ol’ Spicey on this fall’s season of SNL.

But if you thought Spicer was going to fade away quietly, you would be mistaken. While McCarthy’s SNL appearances were still an ongoing thing, Spicer made no bones about his feelings towards McCarthy and her impression. (After his resignation he called some of her sketches “funny,” but felt others were “malicious.”) He got a small amount of revenge, or at least showed he had a little sense of humor about the whole thing, with a surprise cameo on tonight’s Emmys, spoofing Melissa McCarthy’s spoofing of him by appearing in front of a rolling podium during host Stephen Colbert’s monologue. Watch for yourself:

I think the only thing to do now is to have McCarthy show up on SNL’s season premiere in a couple weeks and play Spicey playing McCarthy playing Spicey. And then to have him show up and play her playing him playing her playing him. And so on.

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