The various releases from WWE Studios have had generally mixed success at the box office (probably because they say "WWE Studios" on them), but one of the company's larger successes is getting a sequel. 'See No Evil 2' is on the way and the wrestler Kane is set to reprise his role as murderous psychopath Jacob Goodnight with a thing for offing attractive young people who get in his way.

Although the original 'See No Evil' only made $19 million at the box office, that was apparently enough to justify a sequel, which, according to Variety, will see Goodnight rising from the dead and going after a new group of victims. Nothing about the project sounds particularly original or exciting, but the involvement of directors Jen and Sylvia Soska is interesting. The indie darlings behind the polarizing 'American Mary,' the Soskas have been looking for a big break for quite some time now. They probably didn't see it happening with a WWE-produced horror sequel starring a wrestler, but life does tend to throw you curveballs.

WWE Studios is currently riding high on the minor success of 'The Call' (which did okay because it didn't star a wrestler) and is prepping a remake of 'Leprechaun' (which will star a wrestler). We're sure there's someone out there incredibly pleased that horror movies starring professional fighters is a thing that will apparently keep on happening for the foreseeable future, and we're happy for them ... just don't ask us to get too excited for 'See No Evil 2,' please.