When 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' hit theaters in 1974, it sent a wave of panic and terror through audiences, who believed, as the film suggested, that what they were watching was a depiction of events as they actually took place. The film itself was merely somewhat inspired by serial killer Ed Gein, but 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' left an everlasting mark on horror cinema, paving the way for more horrific "true stories" to terrify audiences in the decades to come.

Almost 40 years after the release of this landmark horror film, we revisit the cast and see what they're up to these days. 

Marilyn Burns, Sally Hardesty

Dark Sky/Marilyn Burns

Then: Marilyn Burns played Sally Hardesty, the film's main protagonist. She spends the majority of the last half of the film running away from masked psycho Leatherface. Prior to landing a role in 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,' Burns had a bit part in 'Brewster McCloud.'

Now: Burns went on to play Manson girl Linda Kasabian in 'Helter Skelter,' and appeared in the horror films 'Eaten Alive' and 'Terror in the Aisles.' She recently made a cameo in 'Texas Chainsaw 3D.'

Allen Danziger, Jerry

Dark Sky/Getty Images

Then: Allen Danziger played Jerry, one of Sally's friends who joins her for a road trip to investigate reported vandalism at her grandfather's gravesite.

Now: Danziger never appeared in another film. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, where he runs an entertainment company called Three Ring Service.

William Vail, Kirk

Dark Sky/Kitleys Krypt

Then: William Vail made his big-screen debut as Kirk, one of Sally's friends and traveling companions.

Now: Vail went on to also appear in 'Poltergeist' and 'Mausoleum' before becoming a set decorator. He has decorated sets for 'Gilmore Girls,' 'Entourage' and the TV movie 'The Craigslist Killer.'

Teri McMinn, Pam

Dark Sky/Facebook

Then: Teri McMinn was discovered by 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' director Tobe Hooper in Houston, Texas, where he read a newspaper featuring an article about the local actress. McMinn played Pam, who notoriously dies on a meat hook.

Now: McMinn continued working in the theatre, and also found work as a foot and leg model. She has appeared in two more films following 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre': 2009's 'The Cellar' and 2012's 'Butcher Boys,' the latter of which was written by 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' scribe Kim Henkel.

Edwin Neal, Hitchhiker

Dark Sky/Edwin Neal

Then: Edwin Neal played the crazed hitchhiker whom Sally and her friends mistakenly pick up at the beginning of the film. Prior to 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,' Neal provided voices on the English version of the '70s animated Japanese series 'Gatchaman.'

Now: Neal went on to star in 'JFK' and 'My Boyfriend's Back,' and played several roles in various iterations of the 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' series. He provides the voices of Two-Face, Killer Croc and Harvey Bullock for the DC Universe Online video game, and recently reunited with Teri McMinn in the horror film 'Butcher Boys.' Neal lives in Austin, Texas with his six children.

Gunnar Hansen, Leatherface

Dark Sky/Getty Images

Then: Gunnar Hansen made his film debut as Leatherface, the masked, psychopathic, chainsaw-wielding killer in 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.'

Now: Hansen went on to star in 'Campfire Tales,' 'Mosquito' and 'Murder-Set-Pieces' (in which Edwin Neal also had a role). He more recently appeared in 'Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre' (which takes place in his hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland), and made a cameo in 'Texas Chainsaw 3D.' Hansen is a published author and has taught college students as an adjunct professor.