The success of Preacher certainly opened TV doors for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, most recently with the Hulu order of Josh Hutcherson series Future Man. Now, Rogen and Goldberg are at it again two-fold, eyeing a sidekick inversion for a new FOX superhero series, and an Illuminati spoof for ABC.

Per Deadline, Rogen and Goldberg’s Point Grey Pictures has moved forward with Sony Pictures TV on two new single-camera comedies. The FOX project (written by Lemmings’ Mike Rosolio) follows an MIT graduate unwittingly roped into becoming the Alfred to her boss’ Batman, a Steve Jobs-esque tech genius who moonlights as a vigilante.

Over at ABC, Life In Pieces vet Brad Copeland will set up a new comedy centered around the all-power Illuminati, in which “a young couple struggles to balance marriage and suburban life with the fact that one of them is in the Illuminati.” Both series have received a script commitment plus penalty deal, meaning the network will pay out if a script doesn’t end up getting produced.

Point Grey managed to get both Preacher and Future Man greenlit, but will Rogen and Goldberg be so lucky with the two-new untitled series?

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