After years of pumping out amazingly awful, bargain bin TV movies, SyFy finally hit the big time with 'Sharknado.' For the first time, one of the network's movies was so silly, so dumb and so instantly meme-able that the world-at-large took notice and made it a thing. People were actually talking about 'Sharknado'! Real people! So it's no surprise that SyFy has announced a sequel. After all, they probably have a spare $137 lying around to fund it.

As you probably know, 'Sharknado' told the harrowing story of what happens when a massive tornado picks up a bunch of sharks from the ocean and proceeds to ravage the city of Los Angeles, tossing man-eating fish every which way. The announced sequel will move the action to New York City, where another freak combination of weather and marine life will assault another cast of B-list actors.

If you needed more evidence that SyFy is relying on the internet's ironic obsession with the first film to drive the sequel, look no further than the Twitter contest to name the movie. Seriously. Tweet your suggestions to @SyFyMovies using the #sharknado hash tag. Good luck. You're going to have a lot of competition.

'Sharknado 2' is expected to premiere in 2014. It will presumably be filmed over six days in the parking lot behind the SyFy headquarters.