The BBC's 'Sherlock' Holmes might be able to deduce the answers to mysteries at a rate that would make even his literary Sir Arthur Conan Doyle counterpart blush, but that doesn't mean he can get past the spoiler safeguards at the BBC.As the third series goes before cameras, new reports have confirmed the casting of series star Martin Freeman's own partner Amanda Abbington in a mysterious new role, but what significant impact might she have on the three-part season overall?

'Sherlock' producer Steven Moffat likes to play with his audience as much as Sherlock Holmes himself likes a good mystery, giving fans a bit of sleuthing to do to uncover Amanda Abbington's role in the new season. The actress and real-life partner to Martin Freeman (John Watson) was photographed on set filming scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch, but Steven Moffat would only admit to Deadline that the character has a "significant impact" on both main characters, and could recur in a number of the three episodes each season.

Given Abbington's real-life relation to Martin Freeman and that the word "wedding" had previously been teased of the season, the obvious answer is that Abbington could play literary character Mary Morstan, eventual wife to John Watson. Things are rarely as simple as they seem on 'Sherlock' however, so the mystery may in fact run deeper.

Well, what say you? Do you think 'Sherlock' is introducing a permanent romantic interest for John Watson in Amanda Abbington, or are we being misled? Give us your theories on 'Sherlock' season 3 in the comments!

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