Just yesterday, we learned from the BBC that 'Doctor Who' will unveil its newest time lord this coming Sunday, but it seems genre fans might be in for another surprise even earlier. The BBC has released a mysterious new 'Sherlock' season 3 image, and told viewers to pay close attention to a repeat airing of season 2 finale "The Reichenbach Fall," so what new material might we deduce?

Via DenofGeek, we've learned that the BBC sent out the below image accompanied by the message, "Don't miss the repeat of 'The Reichenbach Fall' tonight 8:30 p.m. on BBC One - our advice - keep watching to the very end!"

For those with deduction skills, the still definitely doesn't belong to the first two seasons, and might in fact be a nod to classic Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Empty House," from which season 3 premiere "The Empty Hearse" draws its base. There, Sherlock manages to keep Colonel Sebastian Moran fooled of his presence in 221B Baker Street with a wax sculpture in silhouette! 'Sherlock''s version would likely have a bit more to it, and we've yet to actually meet Moran, but the theory seems sound nonetheless.

Considering showrunner Steven Moffat showed exclusive season 3 footage to those present at the Comic-Con 2013 panel, it stands to reason that the BBC might offer up a bit of fresh footage, or even a trailer, at the very least an official premiere date. Meanwhile, we most recently learned of season 3 that Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen (yes, brother to ‘Hannibal”s Mads) has joined in the villainous role of “Charles Augustus Magnussen,” a character with no direct literary counterpart, but one that likely corresponds to 1904 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story "The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton."

We'll keep you posted on the latest from 'Sherlock' season 3, but in the meantime, check out the new photo below, and tell us what you think we'll see this coming weekend!

Sherlock Season 3 Photo Trailer

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