The ever-crowded schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman make it all-but-impossible to determine when Sherlock Season 4 will finally deduce a start date, but the series’ upcoming Victorian special at least steps further into the light. Check out a new teaser, with the promise of more to come later this week!

While Sherlock itself has been reluctant to confirm the new episode as a “Christmas Special,” a brief new tease from The BBC promises we’ll “see a bit more” with a full trailer on October 7, and presumably a formal release date. As we learned at Comic-Con 2015, the special will likely end up in certain theaters, whenever The BBC announces a premiere.

When last we heard, showrunner Steven Moffat had plotted through a potential fifth season of the series, while the fourth was projected to shoot sometime in 2016. Along with the surprise resurrection of Season 3 finale “His Last Vow,” Moffat also specified that Sherlock Season 4 would likely see increased roles for the women of the series, particularly Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey) and Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs), potentially adding new female characters into the mix as well, as part of “Sherlock’s gradual humanization.”

We’ll see what shakes out with the full trailer, but does the Victorian Sherlock special seem up to snuff? Might we garner any hints of the fourth season?