Showtime's line-up has gotten increasingly bold over the years, with edgy programs like 'Homeland' that net the cable network extensive Emmy wins, but could their latest in-development project prove their most buzz-worthy yet? New reports reveal that the 'Dexter' network has begun development on a Neo-Nazi drama produced by legendary film star Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, titled 'The 4th Reich.' Has Showtime gone too far, or will 'The 4th Reich' prove the network's most intriguing drama to date? New details inside!

Much as we love the buzz-worth dramas and comedies on Showtime, their latest offering may cause a bit of controversy. Deadline reports that the network has begun development of new Neo-Nazi drama 'The 4th Reich,' set in South Boston and described as a cross between 'American History X' and 'The Town.'

Produced by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, and developed by a spec script from Sonya Winton and Jonathan Kidd, 'The 4th Reich' follows a former leader of the Boston Neo-Nazi movement who agrees to become a confidential FBI informant in order to be released from jail. He returns to his old life to find his estranged 15-year-old son has been recruited by his former best friend and current leader of the Brotherhood.

Deadline describes the series as a "high-octane crime thriller delving into race, religion, and politics through the lens of a dogmatic faction of the Neo-Nazi movement in South Boston," one which tracks the main character as he becomes caught between the two worlds, and starts to gain perspective and change. The series dovetails with Rosenthal's and Tribeca’s work with "Against Violent Extremism," a social network of sorts for former violent extremists and their victims, with the aim of influencing "at risk" young people.

What say you? Do you think 'The 4th Reich' could be the next pivotal Showtime drama, or a hot-button topic for TV watchdogs? Give us your take in the comments!