In this week’s most intriguing and sort of odd sequel news, Lionsgate is already developing a sequel to Sicario, Denis Villeneuve’s new drug war thriller starring Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro. While the film doesn’t hit theaters for another couple of weeks, Villeneuve’s latest has already become a hit with critics following its debut at TIFF, and apparently Del Toro’s character is compelling enough to warrant a sequel.

Per Variety, Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan is developing the sequel / spinoff, which will center on Del Toro’s mysterious hitman character. Villeneuve is also involved in overseeing development, though it’s unclear if he’ll return to helm the sequel given his commitments to another sequel — Blade Runner 2.

Lionsgate exec Patrick Waschberger told Variety that he questioned Villeneuve about what happened to Del Toro’s character, which apparently sparked development of the sequel:

“Before the release of this movie, I was talking to Denis and I said what happened to this character?” said Patrick Wachsberger, co-chair of the studio’s motion picture group. “Where is Benicio going?

Sicario follows an FBI agent (Emily Blunt) who collaborates with a morally shady government official (Josh Brolin) and a mysterious hitman (Del Toro) to take down a Mexican drug kingpin in an operation that’s totally off-the-books.

Del Toro recently signed on to play a central character in Star Wars: Episode 8, which heads into production with director Rian Johnson next spring.

Sicario is currently out in limited release, and hits theaters nationwide on October 2.