Boy, that Simon Pegg has his hands in a lot of different cookie jars these days.  One day he's throwing  his voice to one of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy for 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars,' the next it's back to beaming up for 'Star Trek 2,' so where might the UK funnyman pop up next? Back in time?  Well, that's one frontier Pegg has never boldly gone before.The Hollywood Reporter writes that the former 'Shaun of the Dead' of the dead star is currently in talks to take a guest role in Frank Darabont's forthcoming TNT period drama 'L.A. Noir'.  The details of the role are scant, "top-secret" even, but most likely the role would be that of a guest-shot for the pilot episode alone.

Its pilot written and directed by Frank Darabont, 'L.A. Noir' revolves around the police force’s pursuit of mobster Mickey Cohen and takes its basis from  John Buntin's book ‘L.A. Noir: The Struggle For The Soul Of America’s Most Seductive City,’ which recounts the story of decades-long conflicts between the LAPD and the city’s criminals.

If cast, Pegg joins already established 'L.A. Noir' cast members Jon Bernthal ('The Walking Dead') as Joe Teague, the LAPD cop at the center of ‘L.A. Noir,’ and  ‘Heroes’ alum Milo Ventimiglia as a former marine who served with Bernthal’s character during World War II and now works as a budding lawyer for the mob.  Rounding out the high-profile cast is current ‘Justified’ guest star Neal McDonough  as LAPD Chief Parker, “a man with a long memory and a ruthless streak when provoked, committed to rooting out corruption in the police department, and equally dedicated to bringing down Mickey Cohen and the mob.”

Darabont will also serve as executive producer on the series, following his well-publicized exit from AMC's 'The Walking Dead.'  'L.A. Noir' would also mark Pegg's first life-action appearance on an American-produced television series since 2001 HBO mini-series 'Band of Brothers.'

Simon Pegg fans, how do you feel about your favorite 'Spaced' star returning to TV for a noir drama?  Will the appearance be a one-off, and if so, what's with all the secrecy about the role?  Could Pegg's American accent really be that garish?  Give us your take on 'L.A. Noir' and your favorite Simon Pegg moments in the comments section!

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