Even as Bond girls go, 'Skyfall' star Berenice Marlohe is breathtaking. The actress was born to a French mother and a Cambodian father and the results are so exotic it looks as if she were created in a lab to star in a James Bond film. But believe it or not, it wasn't exactly an easy road for Marlohe. The actress wasn't getting the parts she wanted in France, so she moved to Hollywood with no money, no friends, no agent, no publicist...no nothing. And just over a year later she's starring in one of the biggest films of the year.

So how did she do it? Wait until you hear the inspiring story of how Berenice Marlohe did everything she could - on her own - to land a part in 'Skyfall.'

While she may be perfect as Severine, the mysteriously sexy woman in 'Skyfall', many French casting directors didn't think the actress was "French enough" to cast her in roles in her hometown of Paris. We spoke with Marlohe recently in New York City and she told us, "I was struggling a lot in France, not having auditions and not having an agent." So the actress, inspired in part by a dream she had of her eventual 'Skyfall' co-star Javier Bardem ("I normally never dream about actors!" she cautions), packed her things and moved to Los Angeles, a town where she admittedly knew no one.

"I had to learn to be my own agent and my own manager." So Marlohe, who still speaks with a thick French accent, logged onto Facebook. "A friend told me they are looking for a Bond girl. I didn't want to miss this chance! So I spent two days in front of my computer trying to find anybody involved with the film. I found the casting agent's Facebook account and sent my reel. I sent it to everyone I could find!"

After a lot of random e-mails and a little bit of cyber-stalking, Marlohe's reel eventually wound up in the hands of Debbie McWilliams, the 'Skyfall' casting director who passed it along to director Sam Mendes. Hundreds of girls read for the role but it was Marlohe, the French actress with no connections in Hollywood and barely any experience in her home country, who wound up testing alongside Daniel Craig and eventually winning the role.

Marlohe dismisses the idea of destiny. "You create your own destiny," she says with fierce dedication. "What happened in three months in the U.S., I couldn't do in eight years in France."

And so far her dedication has paid off. The actress is currently filming Terrence Malick's upcoming movie with Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling.