Though James Bond may have been updated for the 21st Century when Daniel Craig took over the reins as the world's most famous secret agent, some traditions must be kept. And one of those traditions is that Bond is surrounded by attractive women who he often sleeps with. The latest addition to the bevy of Bond Babes is Tonia Sotiropoulou, who just joined the cast of 'Skyfall.'

MI6 broke the news that Sotiropoulou was not only joining the cast, but that she would also be playing Bond's girlfriend. It's hard to know in what context she is his girlfriend, as Bond is not known for dating women for extended periods of time. Those familiar with his marital history will remember what happens when Bond thinks he can settle down (Side Note: If you haven't seen 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' you're missing one of the best Bond films).

Sotiropoulou is a relative newcomer to the big screen, having mostly worked in her homeland of Greece, though she moved to England recently. As this part was cast while the film has been shooting - even though she's suggested to be his girlfriend - it seems unlikely she will be in very much of the movie. The film is due out November 9.