Last weekend’s ‘SNL’ under ‘The Hobbit’ star Martin Freeman proved the best episode of the season by far, but will Amy Adams’ 2014 closer steal the title? Watch Amy and Taran Killam celebrate Christmas with computer snow and endless proposals in the first promos for ‘SNL’'s last episode of 2014!

The magic of Christmas takes over in two-time host Amy Adams’ latest ‘SNL’ promos, as she and Taran Killam toss about snow slated to be added in post, only with one minor snag. Meanwhile, the sight of Rockefeller Center’s tree repeatedly puts Taran Killam in a romantic mood, and Amy Adams can’t help squealing at the thought of musical guest One Direction’s imminent arrival.

Adams had previously hosted in 2008 with musical guest Vampire Weekend, and this time will take the ‘SNL’ stage in promotion of everything from ‘Big Eyes’ to ‘Batman vs. Superman.’ Hopefully the final ‘SNL’ of 2014 will live up to last week’s outing, but if not, there’s always that big 40th anniversary special next year we’ve heard next-to-nothing about.

Check out Amy Adams’ ‘SNL’ promos for the final episode of the year above, and give us your predictions in the comments!