This season of 'SNL' hasn't been shy about getting truly weird with its digital shorts, but it may have reached its weird zenith with the fake trailer for a thriller called 'The Beygency.' Both a parody of dystopic thrillers and a commentary on what it's like to not be totally in love with Beyonce's latest album, the video stars Andrew Garfield as a man who makes the tiniest of slights against the work of Mrs. Carter and finds his entire life ruined by a powerful and mysterious group.

Yes, this is a fake trailer for a movie where Beyonce Knowles apparently rules the world and has an army of fedora-wearing henchmen who seek out people who don't like her music so they can be destroyed and imprisoned. If you've ever been subjected to looks of complete and total disdain for not caring for a popular song or album, you'll probably be able to relate. Sure, there may not have been violent henchmen involved (and '24' stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub surely didn't show up to lend a helping hand), but you'll appreciate Garfield's hilariously deadpan depiction of isolation and incredulity. Like so many fake 'SNL' trailers, it works because the cast pretty much plays it straight.

The best bit? The fact that the deadly agents of the Beygency can apparently break into choreographed dance numbers at the drop of a hat. That's what all thrillers need -- more elaborate dance numbers!

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