As much as we enjoy Jay Pharoah's President Obama, he has nothing on Jason Sudeikis' Joe Biden. In the vast land of SNL political impressions, the veteran cast member's take on the Vice President of the United States is definitely top tier, generally stealing the spotlight from whoever else he is sharing the stage with. That means that a sketch completely centered around Biden's post-reelection victory party is more than welcome.

The sketch takes the form of a video advertisement/invitation to the Vice President's "Biden Bash" in his home state of Delaware, where attendees will get to see Biden perform various feats of strength and sing the national anthem in the style of Jimi Hendrix (among other things). Ultimately, it's all just an excuse for Sudeikis to take his already silly version of Joe Biden to ridiculous new heights, but there's nothing wrong with that!

No matter your political opinions, the reelection of Barack Obama ensures that we're getting at least four more years of Joe Biden...and that's a good thing for SNL fans.

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