Martin Short is a sketch comedy veteran, more comfortable on the Saturday Night Live stage than many of the actual cast members. Paul McCartney has been a guest on the show many times and seems to have little-to-no shame. Putting them together for a Christmas-themed sketch that segues directly into a musical performance was the highlight of last night's episode.

It's a simple enough set-up. Short and McCartney are a duo trying out for a local Christmas pageant. Short (playing loud, abrasive and obnoxious with the best of 'em) is the  singer and McCartney plays the triangle and receives absurd amounts of emotional abuse from his partner. Short performs an obnoxious Christmas song, McCartney misses his cue and Short goes ballistic, his wild ravings matched perfectly by McCartney's slightly goofy, deadpan hangdog face.

Naturally, the scene ends with Short storming off, McCartney requesting the chance to sing and the set being pulled apart so the former Beatle can immediately launch into a performance and let's face it -- there are few things as wonderful as a Paul McCartney performance. Granted, he sings one of the worst holiday songs of all time (does anyone actually like "Wonderful Christmas Time"?), but it's a tacky song choice that actually complements the sketch that came before it.

Watch the whole thing below: