SNL co-head writer Colin Jost has been something of a polarizing figure, rising through the writers’ ranks, taking over as head Weekend Update anchor from Seth Meyers, and subsequently replacing co-host Cecily Strong with comedian Michael Che. Now, a surprising shift has occurred behind the scenes, as Jost has abdicated his role as co-head writer to fellow heads Rob Klein and Bryan Tucker.

Splitsider noticed the shift, which appeared first with this past Saturday’s triumphant Tracy Morgan return, though Jost will remain among the regular writing staff. It’s unclear what triggered the shift (now subsequently reflected in all online credits), though worth noting is that Jost will also keep to his position as Weekend Update anchor.

So notes a sources close to The Daily News:

He wasn’t demoted. He chose to focus on `Weekend Update and is still a writer on `SNL.’

Jost first joined the SNL writing staff at 22 in Season 31, under Tina Fey, Seth Meyers and Andrew Steele, graduating to co-head writer alongside Meyers in Season 38. Season 39 saw Tucker and Klein ascending after Meyers’ exit, while Splitsider speculates that Jost may contribute more directly to Weekend Update writing from his new vantage point.

SNL will take a short break after its first three outings, picking up on November 7 with GOP hopeful Donald Trump (assuming he gets that far), but will any visible changes arise from Jost stepping down as head writer?

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