While most would agree that 'SNL's' most recent turn with 'Django Unchained' star Jamie Foxx hosting and musical guest Ne-Yo stayed mostly level, it's no secret that a portion of 'SNL' viewers tune in to see which sketches can make the performers break. "The Californians" has been known to get cast members giggling, partiuclarly Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, but we've never seen them lose it so hard as a deleted sketch from Saturday featuring the pair as doormen. Check it out inside!

Professionals though Bill Hader and Fred Armisen might be, they're not immune to cracking one another up with sketches as ridiculous as their recent "Renaldo and Alexi" effort from Saturday's turn with host Jamie Foxx. The sketch was understandably cut, lacking much of a punchline, and keeping Hader and Armisen in stitches, but makes for good entertainment regardless.

The pair make absurd explanations of Christmas stories to the building's children, but frequently find themselves unable to make it through given the heavy accents and ridiculous bastardization of the stories.

Check out the 'SNL' deleted scene that completely broke veterans Bill Hader and Fred Armisen below, and tell us if you think 'SNL' was right to delete it in the comments! Did you enjoy Jamie Foxx regardless?

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