As expected, this past weekend's 'SNL' installment featuring 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' star Edward Norton in his first hosting gig with musical guest Jenelle Monae proved largely uneven, though not without a few truly inspired bits. Sadly not among them was 'SNL's Halloween ballad "Don't Smash My Pumpkin," the deleted scene of which has made its way online.

The unseen sketch features cast lynchpin Taran Killiam singing a "We Are the World"-style ballad mourning the loss of his carved pumpkins to vandalizing teenagers, eventually donning a mask and baseball bat to avenge his fallen decorations. Though not necessarily as inspired as some of the other digital shorts of the night, including the brilliant Wes Anderson horror parody "The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders," "Don't Smash My Pumpkin" would have been far more welcome than the bizarre '12 Years a Slave' parody.

In the meantime, next week's all-new 'SNL' will feature 'Scandal' star Kerry Washington in first-time hosting duties, with heavy-hitter Eminem lined up as musical guest, sure to be one of the more talked-about episodes of the season. Future installments will supposedly Lady Gaga to the stage in promotion of her new album "ArtPop," though no details have yet been revealed on that front.

Check out Taran Killiam's deleted 'SNL' sketch "Don't Smash My Pumpkin" above, and tell us in the comments if you think the video would have improved Edward Norton's hosting debut!