Ratings might not have reflected as much, but Fred Armisen’s return to the SNL stage for its Season 41 finale definitely felt like one of the better, weirder outings of the year. We’ve a long ways to go before Season 42 starts gearing up this fall, so enjoy the last bit with a delightfully bizarre cut sketch of Fred Armisen in funny coats!

The cut sketch sees Armisen and upcoming Ghostbusters star Cecily Strong finishing up a first date, and desperately trying to retrieve their coats in order to head out. It’s surprisingly brisk, for a five-minute bit (no wonder it had to be cut), but worth it for Strong’s repeat reaction to the couple’s relationship status, as well, Armisen’s off-the-cuff one-liners.

Apparently, it wasn’t the first time SNL tried to get the sketch to air, either.

In any case, SNL Season 42 will surely bring the requisite changes (and maybe even an addition or two), so stay tuned for the latest as we head into summer.

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