Kevin Hart may have spent the past few years becoming one of the biggest movie and comedy stars in America, but last night’s ‘SNL’ proved that the ‘Ride Along’ and ‘The Wedding Ringer’ star is entirely unafraid to make fun of himself. Hart made for a strong guest host, capable of playing variations on himself and new characters quite well. However, one sketch made direct fun of his public image and personality and he went right along with it.

Although the sketch itself was far from the funniest of the night (and the studio audience seems to agree), the premise is satisfying. Hart goes back to his dressing room after a comedy show only to find himself confronted by a woman who claims to be the mother of his long lost adult son. That son is played by Jay Pharoah, who denies being Hart’s son...despite looking like him, dressing like him, and speaking just like him. The sketch is really just an excuse to let Pharoah break out of an impression of the comedian, but it’s a really good impression. Watching Pharoah capture all of Hart’s mannerisms while literally towering over the diminutive comedian is frequently surreal. Even when the jokes don’t quite hit, Pharoah and Hart bounce off each other well enough to make it all worthwhile.

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