The unfortunate and untimely death of the great Jan Hooks this past week sent the comedy world into mourning, with countless writers and comics stepping forward to pay tribute to the late 'SNL' star. It could have been easy for this week's new episode to gloss over the passing of one of their own (it is a comedy show, after all), but 'SNL' has always been a class institution -- it remembers those who came before.

When guest host Bill Hader was joined by former cast member Kristen Wiig, the audience was probably expecting a great bit between the old co-stars. Instead, they gave a tribute to Hooks and a chance to see one of the strangest and best 'SNL' scenes of all time.

'Love is But a Dream' is unique in 'SNL' history in that it doesn't have any jokes. There's not even a real laugh to be found. A sweet and melodramatic tribute to the 1948 film 'The Emperor Waltz,' the scene casts Hooks as an aging woman who vanishes into her own imagination to share a dance with a long-lost lover. They sing, they waltz and it's all very lovely, a reminder that 'SNL' cast members are often seasoned performers, not one-note comedians.

Now that both of its stars have passed away, the short has taken on a new melancholy. However, there is no better way to honor Hooks than to showcase her at her absolute best. Good on you, 'SNL.'

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