The most recent season of 'SNL' that made its closing bow this past weekend proved particularly difficult, saying goodbye to both veterans Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, with knowledge Seth Meyers would move on to his next venture in 2014. Jason Sudeikis' status has remained unconfirmed, however, so what chance do we have of having the 'We're the Millers' star return for season 39? Hear the latest from Sudeikis himself inside!

Late last week 'SNL' cast member Jay Pharoah was thought to have outed cast mate Jason Sudeikis with a tweet acknowledging the actor's previously uncertain exit from the series, though Pharoah quickly deleted the post. And while Sudeikis' exit certainly seems imminent in the wake of his burgeoning movie career. Sudeikis today explained during an appearance on 'The View' that he has yet to decide if his 'SNL' days are over.

NBC would likely do all within its power to keep Sudeikis, whose characters and star power remain a fixture of the show, one much needed after the confirmed exits of Armisen and Hader. Should Sudeikis ultimately decide to leave 'SNL' behind, Kenan Thompson would become the most senior member of the cast.

What say you? Do you think Sudeikis will decide to return to 'SNL' after all? What changes would you like to see for the upcoming 39th season?

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