John Goodman may have coasted in his 13th 'SNL' installment this past weekend, but has the year-ender ever let us down? Alumni and future 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon's latest promos have arrived, but with musical guest Justin Timberlake delayed by weather, can we expect a satisfying closer this year?

The latest look at 'SNL''s year-end installment features Kenan Thompson covering for Timberlake's absence in the snow-drenched city, though we know the five-timer host and frequent musical guest to bring his best. In Timberlake's absence, Kate McKinnon steps in with indoor promotions to help Fallon kick off the final installment of the year.

While we wait for the NBC sketch comedy show to close out the year, ‘SNL’ has reportedly auditioned a collection of black female castmates for the show in both New York and Los Angeles, among the names in contention are Bresha Webb, Tiffany Haddish, Simonne Shepherd and Darmirra Brunson, the latter of whom had previously been suggested by ‘SNL’ star Jay Pharoah himself. Showrunner Lorne Michaels will reportedly decide upon the new cast member by January 2014, though it remains to be seen if either 'SNL' mainstay will comment upon the news.

Check out 'SNL''s year-end previews with Jimmy Fallon and almost-Justin Timberlake above, and give us your predictions for the final 2013 installment in the comments!