The moment Adam Driver was announced as the first SNL host of 2016, we knew a Star Wars: The Force Awakens sketch would be coming, and the NBC mainstay didn’t disappoint. Spoofing Undercover Boss with Kylo Ren was delightful, but who knew Driver had such a tough time keeping a straight face? Watch this SNL behind-the-scenes video to see for yourself.

Driver already brought his particular brand of intense energy to the part of Kylo Ren, so it’s only natural he’d go overboard as a Kylo Ren with a petulant need for the reverence of his employees. Driver and Taran Killam have the most fun breaking, though the BTS featurette also offers a look into Leslie Jones’ different takes, as well as Bobby Moynihan’s participation in the vending machine stunt.

The original sketch, in case you missed it:

In the meantime, this coming Saturday night will see UFC favorite Ronda Rousey taking the stage for the first time, joined by musical guest Selena Gomez. You can check out her newest promos below, and start counting down the days until Driver returns, or better yet, precedes his Star Wars co-stars a turn on the SNL stage.

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