We were mostly enamored of Lady Gaga's dual turn as both 'SNL' host and musical guest this past weekend, most of the sketches landing with far more commitment than the initial promo that preceded them, but we haven't seen it all yet. Watch Lady Gaga lead the ladies of the 'SNL' cast as "Female Sea Captains" in a deleted sketch from this past weekend!

Admittedly something of a one-note joke, the unused "Female Sea Captains" sketch features exactly that, Lady Gaga leading the "captain's wives" as her own crew when the male sailors are cast down with herpes. Apart from the requisite sea captain speak and "arr"s at every turn, the sketch comes up with a few surprising turns worthy of chuckles, though it isn't hard to imagine why the bit would be left on the cutting room floor.

This coming weekend will have 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' star Josh Hutcherson in his first turn as 'SNL' host, along with musical guest HAIM. In the meantime, check out another of Lady Gaga's 'SNL' bits in the sketch above, and tell us if you think "Female Sea Captains" should have made the final run!

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