Just yesterday, we published our list of the 10 Best 'SNL' Digital Shorts and, not surprisingly, "Lazy Sunday" came in at #1. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we won't get into why "Lazy Sunday" was so revolutionary for both 'SNL' and online videos (you can read the article for that), but rest assured, we think it's very big part of 'SNL' history. And as Andy Samberg prepares to leave 'SNL' he and his Lonely Island partners are going back to the beginning for their swan song.

This weekend's episode, hosted by Mick Jagger, will feature Andy Samberg returning to the classic Digital Short as he and Chris Parnell star in a "Lazy Sunday" sequel.

Both Samberg and Parnell were back out in front of their old Magnolia Cupcake stomping grounds ("let's hit on Magnolia and mack on some cupcakes!") in New York City yesterday filming part of the new short that will presumably have them finding something else to do (watching 'The Avengers?') on a lazy day.

Parnell left 'SNL' the season after "Lazy Sunday" originally aired and while he has made a few cameos since, his return to the Digital Shorts will be his biggest return yet.

As for Samberg and his Lonely Island pals Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, it's a fitting way to end. Many wondered why they didn't save the big 100th Digital Short retrospective for this week's show, but it's clear they had bigger plans. "Lazy Sunday" made them stars and while the Digital Short format may live on without them, it'll never be the same.

"Lazy Sunday Redux" (our title, not theirs) should be just one of the send-offs on this Saturday's episode as Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis are also rumored to be leaving the show this summer.