When Andy Samberg left SNL, we thought we'd never see another Lonely Island music video on the show again. This is a situation where we're ecstatic to have been wrong! Samberg and his crew (including a few cameos that you're bound to recognize) are back with a new song and new video and it's one of their best.

The song is a riff on that whole "YOLO" thing. If you don't know what that means, you're a very lucky person whose personal blinders are working perfectly when it comes to shielding out the annoying things in life. Short for "you only live once,' the acronym has become synonymous with stupid young people doing stupid things because they only have one chance to be stupid. Yeah, it's dumb...and ripe for parody.

Lonely Island twists the concept back around the other way. If you only live once, then you should live super carefully. Don't take risks! Don't try anything new! Stay at home and only do things that you know are safe! The video gets milks comedy out of the mundane before growing increasingly absurd, offering all kinds of terrible advice for living a safe life.

From a production standpoint, the video is one of the group's most polished and well-shot efforts, but only time will tell if it will become a viral sensation like some of its predecessors. Check it out below:

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