Last night's 'Saturday Night Live' saw 'Bridesmaids' and 'Identity Thief' star Melissa McCarthy hosting the beloved sketch comedy show for the second time and she entered with a bang. Well, actually a stumble. As the comedienne took the stage for her opening monologue, her choice of footwear sabotaged the whole thing with hilarious results. Watch if for yourself below!

Watching McCarthy trip and stumble and attempt to use a chair as a walker reminded us that there simply isn't enough physical comedy in these opening monologues. While most hosts stand center stage and talk straight to the audience (or sing, since that seems to be the current trend), McCarthy used her five minutes to showcase some simple but funny slapstick, putting her skills as a physical comic to good use. The joke that the rest of the planned monologue (including a musical number, of course) continues as she struggles to find her feet is the gift that keeps on giving.

We hope the SNL writers take note of this and consider it for future hosts: tailor the monologue for the strengths of the guest and you'll get a scene that's a highlight of the show, not the thing that everyone fast forwards through.