Some of the best 'SNL' parodies have been specific enough to invite confusion amongst some people and we imagine that their fake trailer for 'White Christmas' will go right over the heads of certain people. But who cares? This is the best fake 'SNL' movie trailer since, well, their Wes Anderson horror movie trailer. How can anyone hate this season when they have that going for them?

As the title kind of, sort of implies, 'White Christmas' is a "black holiday movie for white people," taking the tropes of movies like 'The Best Man Holiday,' 'Black Nativity' and 'Tyler Perry's Madea's Christmas' and literally whitewashing them. The result is something that walks a fine line between being too niche (and racially weird) and too perfect in its execution to care. For movie fans who have seen enough trailers, the joke is clear and pretty much perfect.

Our favorite moments? Glad you asked! How about Paul Rudd's spot-on take as the mugging, wacky grandmother? How about the set-up that involves a financially destitute protagonist being forced to go home? How about black people getting cast in the roles usually reserved for the token white guys in movies like this? Jay Pharaoh actually gets a moment of meta-commentary on that last one.

As shaky as this season has been at times, they've been nailing this fake trailer thing. We hope to see many more like this very soon.